Digital Signage for Restaurants and Cafes

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Why Use InfiniteSignage in your Restaurant or Cafe?

Cafes and restaurants are increasingly turning to digital signages to grow their business. The industry’s adoption of digital signage systems has picked up pace over the last few months as there’s a greater need to communicate safety protocols to patrons. But it isn’t just the pandemic that has encouraged restaurants to install digital signages.

InfiniteSignage Advantages for Restaurants and Cafes

Easily create menus

With InfiniteSignage, you can create a menu without hiring a designer. Choose one of the free digital menus that fit your style and branded to be yours. Even after you’ve chosen a design, you can always go back and make changes to it.

Schedule your menus

Automatically change your menus depending on the time or day of the week, show your breakfast menus in the morning and regular menu during the day, make changes on the fly without depending on external resources.

Run promotions

Think of a digital signage system as your marketing billboards. You can now create limited-time offers and run promotional campaigns. Have a loyalty scheme? Market that to your diners for effective conversion.


One of the biggest advantages of having a digital signage system is that you can use it to upsell dishes to diners already on your premises. Photos and videos will be more compelling than the staff requesting them to try out something new.

Decrease wait time

A digital screen can show customers how long they’ll have to wait. If it gets too long, you can apologize and engage them with other content. This will show your patrons that you care for them. It’ll also give you a captive audience to communicate your offers.

Customize your communication

Is there a birthday party happening? Wish them through your digital screens. A couple celebrating their anniversary? Congratulate them. An office crowd in the evening? Welcome them by the company name.

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