Digital Signage Pricing

We Pay You!

We try to keep everything transparent and simple. We pay you to put some advertisements on a screen and also put your own content on with it. This is a simple solution making it easy for you to create your content and get your signage going fast. 

If you have a high traffic area such as a Restaurant, Bar, Gym, Store Front, Parking Garage, or other areas that may qualify we offer a free digital signage solution with opportunity to earn passive income on top of it. Read more below to learn more.

We Also Offer Enterprise Customer Solutions. Call Today To Learn More

Advertising Partner

You Earn!
  • You Earn Revenue
  • Managed Content
  • Includes Display
  • Account Manager
  • Free Installation
  • Display Statistics
  • Remote Management of Player

Become a Digital Signage Advertising Partner

Level-up your business with Infinite Signage by joining the network

Joining the network opens up new business opportunities and creates synergies with other businesses. Get access to opportunities that makes monetizing your displays easy. This Plan is simple. We Provide your equipment, help you with your designs, and Advertisements! You Make Money.

What’s the catch? Well we work with vendors and local businesses to build their advertisements. We then Give them the option to allow some of their advertisements on your display. They pay to be on the AD spot and you make 25% of the revenue earned from it. NO advertisements go on the display until you approve them first. This is great for building community relationships.  The best part is you still can put your advertising content on the display as well. If you prefer you could run more than one display to have Advertisers on one and your content on another. To get started is simple. We come out and install a display. We than start sending you ads for your approval from our customer base.  Once you accept your first advertisement you start getting monthly payouts!

Here Are A Few Perks Of Joining The Network

  • Earn 25% of all Ad revenue. This can add up quick as you build advertisers in your location.
  • All your equipment Leasing Fees Waived
  • You can use some of your earnings to get advertising on other display locations
  • NO Advertisements are displayed on your screens without your approval
  • Option to add additional screens for your exclusive content
  • You get to add your advertising content on the display
  • We can help with designs and updates for super affordable rates

Additional Signage

$299 / Yr Credit
  • Per display/Year
  • Use a portion of your advertising income to get additional Screens
  • You can manage yourself with easy to use dashboard
  • Display Included
  • Display statistics
  • Works Offline

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